sponsering-studentsThe communities in the rural areas of Nepal are extremely underdeveloped. People are poverty stricken and have a fairly primitive lifestyle. Due to various political, social and economic issues in the country, families in the remote areas are unable to sustain their life properly and families rely on agriculture and labor works to earn their living.

Education is the basic constitutional right of children but due to poverty and of proper educational institutions in those areas, the children are deprived of this right. Himalayan Aid administers various sponsorship programs in an effort to restore the underprivileged children with educational rights. This program aims to provide elementary as well as high school education to the less fortunate children in order to empower them and set them on a path for their bright future.

Education, a very essential and strong mean for a child to start and set a path for bright future. Every child has right to get facilitated with knowledge and proper education system. But in the context of Nepal, children are deprived of this right due to poverty and lack of educational institutions.

Rural areas of Nepal are extremely underdeveloped and deprived of even the basic facilities. People living in these regions are struggling for their livelihood. Poverty has made it hard for people to sustain their life. Except that, due to the political, social and economic issues of the country, lives of the people in remote areas are based on agriculture and labor works. They are depended upon these means to sustain their day to day lives.

Educating children is never even in the list of interest as they cannot even afford their livelihood. Lack of proper educational institution and poverty has been snatching the opportunity from amongst the children. Sponsorship programs for these under-privileged children are our effort to improve and empower the children, providing them with all the educational rights. This will not only help them attain education but also restore their path for future endeavors.

Himalayan Aid moves with the motive that a small attempt can change the scenario. Our sponsorship to a child, will give him/her a bright and successful future.