donation-to-the-organizationHimalayan Aid is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of people in the rural regions of Nepal. We conduct researches in the development deprived places on Nepal to pinpoint the problems and devise a solution accordingly. After the solution has been approved, we create projects and conduct programs aligning the solution and this requires related manpower, experts and volunteers. These research and project activities are solely funded by the financial aids and donations that we receive from domestic as well as international community.

Supporting to educate children, women’s empowerment and entrepreneurial activities help establish a bright and better future for women and children in the remote areas of Nepal. Himalayan Aid (Non-Profitable Organization) truly is concerned towards the welfare of such people demolishing the hurdles in their lives with the help of planned and well-organized team and appropriate solutions. This organization is entirely dependent on the funds and help from national as well as international donors.

Utilizing the amount of donation, appropriately has always been our prime concern. We ensure that the amount is being entirely used for the welfare of the needy and underprivileged groups. They get the access to emergency relief, health services, and educational services from these funds. Before enforcing the fund we go through certain procedure:

  • We assign our experts to conduct research programs in the deprived regions of Nepal.
  • All the problems are thoroughly observed, listed and categorized as per the major and minor groups.
  • Research team submits the report for analysis to the office and financial analysis are made accordingly by the experts.
  • Assigning the manpower, experts and volunteers totally depends upon the requirement estimated as per the report.
  • Funds are allocated accordingly to each project through bank account. So that no transactions get missed from our records.
  • We believe in establishing the bridge of support and uplift the life of deprived groups from remote place with the help of the donation we receive from domestic and international communities.