Post Earthquake and Health

The Sindhupalchowk district is the most affected by the earthquake. Initially, there were many rural communities lacking basic infrastructures and were far away from the light of development and the recent earthquake pushed them further. Among the many affected areas, the Jethal V.D.C. which consisted of 881 households, 4 schools and a health post was flattened by the earthquake. Himalayan Aid is conducting a project to directly assist in rebuilding 4 schools and a health post that was devastated by the earthquake.

The schools that are being constructed are:

  1.  Shree Ghumti Primary School
  2.  Shree Sampada Lower Secondary School
  3.  Shree Jaleshwori Secondary School
  4.  Shree Nigale Secondary School

The construction of schools and health post is done with maximum utilization of local resources and manpower along with earthquake resistant techniques. We hope that an estimated 672 students and 4285 residents will directly get benefited from our effort.