Earthquake Relief

Major earthquake of 7.9 rectors scale recently shaken Nepal and left us devastated all over. Various remote areas of Nepal have been totally destroyed and along with that many people have lost their lives in this natural disaster. The concrete buildings were also affected but the remote areas were adversely affected by the earthquake. Casualties on those places have been recorded higher in comparison to other cities. People were left with no shelter and food. People were in need of immediate rescue and relief in those regions.

At this time, Himalayan Aid prioritized the immediate relief programs gathering interested and enthusiast volunteers for the earthquake relief operation to the affected areas. Nearest affected areas were supplied with basic food, shelter and medical supplies. We also widened our shipments and help gradually to further more remote areas as sindupalchowk, lamjung, dhading and nuwakot district. When the situation started getting normal and the access to the remote areas were feasible we immediately started reconstructing and rebuilding the affected areas with the help of volunteers and the local manpower.

The recent earthquake in Nepal has left many regions devastated. The concrete built cities didn’t take much hit but the remote areas were very much affected. Casualties were high and villages were flattened out which left the people without shelter and food. The affected regions were in need of immediate relief so Himalayan Aid gathered interested and enthusiast volunteers and conducted earthquake relief operation as a top priority project. Basic food, shelter and medical supplies were shipped immediately to the nearest affected areas. Gradually our reach grew wider and further and we started dispatching supplies to the most remote areas in the Sindhupalchowk, Lamjung, Dhading and Nuwakot district. When things started getting back to normal, we shifted our focus from relief supplies to reconstruction and rebuilding in the affected areas and we are now conducting various volunteer driven projects in the earthquake affected areas.