donateBeing a non-profit and non-governmental organization, the funding of activities entirely depends upon the donations offered by generous people. We appreciate any kinds of donations and promise to aim the funds straight to our cause. It is a great way to get involved with us if you do not have time to participate directly in our projects.

Donation is the only way of funding for non-profit and non-governmental organization like Himalayan Aid. Donation made in any form is acceptable and entirely contributed to the cause and deserving communities. Donation can be the best way to get participated in the social cause and make an impact in the society, physical appearance and involvement is not the only means that count the generosity and help for the society and under-privileged groups.
How donation works:
1. Child care and foundation for their education.
2. Helping them shape up their career thorough learning.
3. Development of the school, health post, latrines.
4. Generating awareness programs with health, nutrition’s, sanitation and medical assistance.
5. Enhancing the lifestyle of youths and other people addressing their needs, making them capable enough to cope up with all the difficulties.