about-ourteamHaving a large number of paid staffs is expensive to be managed, that’s why we promote maximum involvement of local resources and manpower. We have a small coordinating committee responsible for managing projects; and contacting, obtaining, and deploying the personnel accordingly.

Apart from that, have tons of freight trucks, field experts, medical experts, and volunteers at our disposal and their involvement in the team has helped achieving the objectives of our organization and benefited many people in the remote areas of Nepal.

Being a non-profitable organization acquiring large number of employees hits the management financially. We prioritize huge participation and involvement of local manpower and resources in place of hiring costly staffs. We now have a smaller matching committee accountable for managing initiatives; and also calling, receiving, and also implementing this employee’s appropriately.

Our team experts are the major workforce in terms of our aim of providing benefits to the maximum number of people within the remote areas of Nepal. Except that we also have massive freight trucks and field experts and volunteers as our backbones for instant assistance whenever required. We believe in enrolling the excessive number of local people for achieving our objectives and promoting them towards development and making them self-dependent and confident.
Besides that some of our core members are enlisted below: