about-missionHimalayan Aid, being a non-profit and non-governmental organization; we aim to dispense extensive research, documentation and solutions confronting the problems in various regions throughout Nepal. Primarily, we seek to empower people through education so that they would be able to tackle the local community issues regarding health, sanitation and hygiene.

We directly assist in rescue, relief and rehabilitation of people who have been victimized by natural calamities like earthquake, flood, landslide and fire. We initiate awareness campaigns in the rural communities regarding the basic infrastructures for development and assist in constructing basic water and sanitation facilities, latrines, health posts and schools.

We strive to uplift the status of the Indigenous people and people who have been labeled by the society as “the untouchables” like Dalits. To do so, we plan and organize programs to help them develop and for their betterment.

We provide scholarships to the poor but deserving students through our sponsorship programs and spread awareness against child labor.
Apart from that, we conduct awareness campaigns regarding social security to vulnerable women, children and senior citizens.

Himalayan aid is a non-profit along with non-governmental firm. We try and furnish intensive investigation, paperwork along with solutions facing the down sides in various areas throughout Nepal. Mostly, we search for to be able to allow men and women through education and learning so they really would be able to take on the neighborhood community concerns with regards to health and fitness, sanitation along with practices.

We right help out with save, pain relief along with rehab associated with individuals who have been recently victimized by natural disasters just like earthquake, avalanche, landslide along with fireplace. We set off understanding advertisements and training programs along with awareness campaigns within the countryside towns amongst the local people. Basically, the program is more oriented on basic infrastructures improvement like constructing basic needs of water, food with sanitation services, latrines, and health and fitness posts along with educational facilities.

Apart from that, we are also focused towards the improvement of the status of all the men and women along with individuals who have been recently tagged because of the society mentioning them as “the untouchables” and named as Dalits. For the purpose of their betterment and better future, we hereby plan and coordinate various programs personality development activities for every individual. We make them participate and learn from those initiatives boosting up their self-confidence and measures to tackle the difficulties of lives.

Except that, our motive of eliminating child labor and educational improvement through scholarships and grants to the weak however worthwhile individuals and children through sponsorship program have been brought into practice. This will not only decrease the illiteracy level but also generates different opportunities for the deserving students for their future.

Human trafficking has always been the most sensitive and fragile matter in terms of Nepal. Mostly children, women and old aged group have been victimized due to lack of proper information and educational awareness. Therefore, we regard it as our duty to execute sensibility in regards to sociable protection amongst women, children and old aged groups.