about-howweworkAll the activities will be carried out from headquarter of the company which is setup in Sindhupalchok. Himalayan Aid is a donation based organization. We seek donors from domestic as well as international sources to fund our projects and researches. The finances will be managed through a separate bank account.

The necessary personnel will be hired on a full time or a contract basis. We conduct an extensive research in the rural areas of Nepal and prepare the documentations corresponding to the study. Then we fabricate a project by designing a proper solution program and estimating the budget. When the project is approved, we assemble a project team of dedicated experts as well as enthusiastic volunteers from our extensive network and hand over the project and the necessary funds.

We also conduct various programs to improve the standard of education and health through mutual understanding and cooperation with other governmental as well as non-governmental organizations.

Legally registered organization running under the government rules and regulation of Nepal, working for the development of remote areas has it’s headquarter situated at sindupalchowk. Each of the pursuits is going to be performed through headquarter. Himalayan aid, this organization is entirely dependent on donation. All of us seek best donor from within the nation as well as intercontinental resources to finance the tasks along with proper researches. The particular budget being utilized for the social cause will be recorded and is going to be handled from separate bank account. Every activity in regard to finance will have an appropriate and accurate banking transaction.

The essential worker’s is going to be employed on the regular or possibly a long term contract basis. We conduct thorough research program all over rural areas of Nepal analyzing the necessity and requirements preparing the formal proposal. We focus on the requirements of the local community and the families and children deprived from basic needs while preparing the proposal. A descriptive proposal leads us towards the upcoming expenses that are required in those areas with which we make the actual documentations and estimate the cost range to be spent on every project.

We also provide the copy of every estimation and analysis to the donors and respective government authorities for the effective implementation of the program on those remote areas without any hurdle. All the credentials and formal papers are taken care of from respective authorities by Himalayan aid before starting the project. Once the challenge is authorized, we assemble the efficient team associated with specific experts in addition to keen volunteers through the intensive network, handover the actual challenge and also the fund for the expenses to be met.
Moreover, we also conduct several packages and activities to raise the standard of education providing knowledge to the children.

These information’s are basically quite informative and brain enhancing that are external than from the formal education system. We accomplish the trainings and participation of children in such educational programs through mutual cooperation with various organizations that are government as well as non-government in nature. Such Programs and activities are always beneficial for every aged group of people living in the community. Health, sanitation, hygiene, social protection and other various awareness based trainings will be conducted by Himalayan Aid for the betterment of the people from rural areas with the help and cooperation of teams.