about-corporate-&-social-reponsibilitiesHimalayan aid is devoted to serve the underdeveloped and isolated places in the Himalayan region. Not only we assist in solving the local community issues, but we also short term decisions that address the environmental well being in the long run. In spite of the financial and resource constraints, our team has a very strong ethical understanding and we believe that we have a sense of responsibility towards the society.

Under privileged and isolated region are primarily focused by our team in terms of development. But, we are also deeply concerned and attached towards the uplift and well-being of the society where we work for. Devotion towards the backward region might be the highly essential but neglecting the issues of local communities will again drain the objective of prosperity of the place and people.

Himalayan aid in spite of lacking the financial necessity and resource pressure; have a very enthusiastic and strong team having higher level of understanding in terms of responsibility. Society is where we belong and problem in the society always becomes the problem of every individual residing there. We believe in prospering the society and establishing it as a source of strength and togetherness for every individual’s. Sense of responsibility towards society will always create sense of awareness and welfare for everyone.